Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Yummm, red food

…Aw, the V-day hype. Even HA can’t resist.

…Jennifer Baumann, MS, RD, LDN, director of nutrition at www.trimtalk.com, says EAT RED.

…Red veggies are rich in nutrients and phytochemicals, which are thought to protect against cancer, heart disease, and aging. Peppers, beets, tomatoes, red cabbage, the color itself is the protectant.

…Looking at red also makes you hungrier.

…Red citrus is aces! Ruby red grapefruit, blood oranges, strawberries, raspberries, cherries! Don’t forget the nonfat topping, anyone.

…Red wine, ah, yes. A glass a day may help your health.

…Red wine-based dressings are better for you than creamy ones (what IS it with ranch anyhow—did cowboys eat a lot of salads?). Some people even believe vinegar has fat-disposing properties.

…Red sauce…Italian food! Tomato sauce is loaded with lycopene, which can be good for prostate health. Olive oil also has a role in preventing certain cancers.

…Lean red meat is okay in moderation and contains tons of Omega 3s, B vits, niaicin, zinc and iron.

…Red kidney beans, don’t forget those. They are crammed with anti-oxys.

…Red chilies, it is theorized, make you hot so you consume more oxygen. This may make you burn more cals.

…Red water? Sure add food coloring! Or maybe a splash of cranberry. Good for the bladder.

…Or make red Jell-O!

…Darn! Chocolate is not red! Maybe dark chocolate brown could be the “new red”?

…OK, let’s say it is.

…HA isn’t sure where the lobster fits. But she likes lobster.

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Spam is a food (sort of), not a preferred form of communication.