Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Are you a candidate for a Face Bra?

…HA was put in mind of The Mummy, but she read on.

…The wattles, the double chins…Funny story, might not be our fat, but our water retention.

…And our fat.

…Vicki Southard invented The Face Bra, a special binding that squeezes out the water, apparently.

…First you slap on some special minerals, then strap yourself up.

…This can be helpful, if you tend to retain water, lost a lot of weight, have a family tendency toward double chins, and are aging.

…OK…that’s everyone!

…Other tips, lose weight (of course), exercise your face, eat healthy fresh foods, use Omega3/Omega 6 oil…and HA’s favorites:

…Use makeup to conceal your neck or wear a scarf.

…And of course, wear your Face Bra 45 minutes 2-3 times a week.
…Check out the website. http://thefacewrap.com/. The befores and afters are pretty close to each other—which ironically, means to HA that they are truthful.

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Интересно написано....но многое остается непонятнымb