Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Be berry healthy

…Everyone who has not been hanging in Waziristan knows that blueberries are crammed with antioxidants and thus are (theoretically) good for you and will keep your pesky free radicals from bashing up your healthy cells.

…Certain dark berries are 200% more effective than vits C and E in assisting the immune system, Dr Cass Ingram (“The Wild Berry Cure”) said on Meg Jordan’s Global Medicine Hunter radio program.

…Those cave folk and even more recent people snacking off the bush were on the right track.

…Berries should be eaten on an empty stomach or along with a meal with protein and fat.

…Cranberries clean out the urinary tract, according to Ingram.

…Blackberries clean out the digestive tract and blood (and some say, can destroy cancer cells).

…Blueberries improve the function of the retina. They also improve skin tone, prevent brain cell degeneration, strengthen the pancreas and improve BP control.

…Raspberries are for the female reproductive tract.

…Black currants strengthen joints, rebuild the immune system, and balance the sex glands (whatever that means).

…Chokecherries—good for the intestinal tract, stomach, and skin.

…Serviceberries fight cancerous degeneration.

…Black raspberries attack and detroy cancerous and precancerous tissue.

…Rose hips are good for the joints.

…Strawberries clean the blood, boost red call count, fight viral infections and improve the beauty of the skin.

…Wow. Berries are slammin’! And they even taste good!

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Star said...

A reader writes me:

I enjoy your blog. You mentioned Black Currants in your present edition on Berries.

Did you know:

they were Illegal to grow in this country for 100 yrs

they have twice the anti-oxidants of blueberries, 4X the C of oranges, more potassium than bananas and much more
those little raisiny things called currants are frauds and not currants

can help prevent Alzheimer’s (Tuft’s University)
reduce eye strain

lower blood pressure
help with skin disorders

are virtually unknown in the U.S.
actually taste incredibly delicious with a sweet tart note

If it sounds like I’m selling, I plead guilty with an explanation. I’m the guy that got the law overturned and am now growing them on my farm.