Friday, March 23, 2007

Do docs take own advice?

…A colleague of HA’s, Peter Wehrwein and an associate of his, Anthony L.Kamaroff, MD, wrote a piece in Newsweek (Mar 26) about whether doctors really eat healthy food and exercise.

…HA has know two very large doctors in her life—and truly loved them for that!

…But she digresses.

…Apparently, the Harvard Health Letter surveyed Harvard faculty members about their health habits.

…They admit the results might have skewed “toward the virtuous.”

…46% said they exercised 3-5 times a week.

…12% worked out more than 6 times!

…Walking (35%) and jogging (24%) were the favored forms of exercise.

…When the researchers interviewed the docs, some said they hated treadmills and boring exercise. The female docs said family life crowded out exercise time.

….One doc who often published on physical activity didn’t do much (she came up in Malaysia where it’s steamy hot) until people started asking about her own routine. Now she runs 20 miles a week and goes to the gym.

…Another one would rather read a book, but does take spinning class. It has not turned her svelte, she says, so she doesn’t tell her patients that it will.

…Another likes having a personal trainer—though she said she knew that sounded “bratty.”

…Yet another, a man, rock climbs and has a gym’s worth of equipment at home.

…Tai chi—that was one doctor’s secret. She has practiced it for 10 years.

…Finally, an orthopedic surgeon says after operating all day, he is bushed and wants to go to bed. But, he also has a boat and often goes on strenuous fishing weekends, pouring a slug of wasabi on fresh fish and grabbing a healthy snack right on the deck of his boat.

…HA liked that guy.

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