Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fiber--friend or foe?

…TMI ALERT! HA sometimes doubles over and hates the idea of fiber.

…Amusingly, her daughter deadpans: “Wish you had felt that way when you started up about peas and brussels sprouts while I was a kid.”

…Yeah, kids are droll little beggars.

…Fiber is the holy grail of the wild hickory nut eaters and Kashi-huggers. Can it be overdone, though?

…HA’s innards are not a steel drainpipe. She has pouches, sore places, like many people who have been cranking stuff through there for decades.

…She has seen commercials for some fiber powder you can put in spaghetti sauce—has anyone tried that?

…Some people eat those fiber bars. HA tried some called Fiber One Chewy Bars, sent by the manufacturer. They were Rice Krispie-Treatish in nature, with chocolate, which was a nice diversion. Instead of some token fiber surrounded by sugar, they contain 15 of the 25 grams of fiber you need each day! And only 140 cals.

…On the website,, they have more tips for eating as much indigestible stuff as possible: Look for bran or whole grain on the label, eat fruit and veggie skins, pack in the beans, toss nuts on your salads, eat brown rice, drink a lot of water (to process the other items).

…Of course, you may also know what the cure is for twisting, sore tummies—more fiber!

…Is this a conspiracy?

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