Thursday, March 29, 2007

Happy grazing

…Teresa J. Farney, Freedom News Service, got going on greens. Must be spring or something. (Even HA ate a salad, which usually rips up her insides.)

…HA has sort of a fascination with this “field greens” idea, though, identifying occasionally with horses or cows who sniff amongst the shoots.

…Seriously, this is grass and weeds. But pretty when you look up close.

…Mizuna has long, feathery leaces notched on bot sides. Mild and tangy.

…Mesclun is a combo of baby greens and herbs. It’s all buttery and maybe a little prickly going down.

…Lollo rossa. Lollo? HA would eat Lollo! This is a ruffled, mild green. Love the name!

…Mache (pronounced MAHsh) is lamb’s lettuce. Is this like the fuzzy lamb’s ear HA’s kid used to love to touch?

…Belgian endive—red and bitter.

…Green oak leaf is mild and sweet and looks like a you know what.


…Tat soi is Chinese cabbage…mild with a peppery edge.

…Frisee, member of the chicory family, mildly bitter.

…Arugula is now pretty well known, also known as rocket—peppery.

…Radicchio…also bitter.

…See a theme—bitter, peppery. This is the phytochemicals—the good stuff---that helps prevent free radical damage.

…Enough olive oil and bleu cheese can offset it.

..Just don’t throw in any poison ivy.

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