Thursday, March 08, 2007

Kids and pets, watch out!

…HA’s sister’s beloved cat had some sort of mysterious adventure that took him away from home 24 hours and left him frazzled and lethargic. Had he been poisoned or eaten something bad?

…He is a little lacking in the English-speaking department, so sis may never know.

…Debra Holtzman, author of The Safe Baby: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Home Safety, has the Top Ten Household Items That Can Kill.

…Latex balloons. Children can suffocate and often kids over 3 are the victims. HA has also see dad balloons removed from dogs on Animal Planet. (She hates the creepy way half-dead balloons drift into you at knee level, anyway.)

…Stuffed toys. Seams can separate and plastic pellets be released. Also: Watch those sharp little stick-in eyes—cats like to chase those.

…Garage door. If you have an automatic, install an electric eye to reverse it if the beam is broken.

…Disc batteries. Kids think these are candy and they can leak chemicals into the stomach.

…Window treatments with hanging cords. If manufactured before 2002, these can strangle energetic little ones who get entangled. To make yours safer, go to

…Antifreeze. This stuff tastes sweet. Dogs even rip into cans to get to it. Some comes with bitterness added. That helps some. Better to put on a high shelf or not have it at all.

…Heavy furniture or appliances. As many as 10,000 people are treated in ERs each year because furniture tipped over on them! Anchor to the wall, people, even if it looks skanky.

…Oleander. This plant is easy to grow, but it is toxic. A single leaf or berry can kill. Even putting it in the house in water can result in poisonous water.

…Storage chests. Kids and pets crawl in these. Get chests with lift-off lids or ventilation holes.

…Recalled ptroducts. Check out regularly.

…Who needs the finger in the socket, when you have all this? HA once caught her daughter going toward an outlet she had pried open—holding a key!

…It’s a miracle anyone even gets old.

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