Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Protect your biggest organ even in the cold

….Brrrr, rumor has it that some parts of the country are still enjoying the wintry mix (sleet, snow, and hot toddies).

…Here, in AZ, perversely, March has been in the 90s. Naturally, HA’s air conditioner is low on coolant and she has been sweltering.

…But all of us must be putting on the sunblock! Don’t get cocky.

…Those killer rays can even sneak between the clouds.

…Skiing? You’re even closer to Mr Sol—more block!

…Be sure sunglasses and ski goggles are 100% in the UV dept.

…If you are getting wet, apply waterproof sunscreen.

…No tanning salon before the beach (are you nuts?).

…Lay low from 10 to 4.

…And keep the babies covered or slathered.

…Next, HA will be telling you to drink water. She’s baaack!
...Oh, and incidentally, if you don't want to spring for those spendy SPF face daycreams, HA got some baby sunblock with a nice moisturizing feel that works fine under makeup. Saved $15! So far, no white heads or other horrors have cropped up.

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