Monday, March 12, 2007

The Reverse Diet--dine like a pauper?

…When HA was just a chubby little dickens, her mother got interested in Adele Davis, a nutritionist who said to eat heartily in the AM, then slow down.

…“Breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, and dine like a pauper,” was her motto.

…Now in the March 9th Life Magazine (er, pamphlet, what happened to Life?), Joan Chen talks about The Reverse Diet.

…As Judge Judy often remarks: “What goes around comes around.”

…Tricia Cunningham, who lost 170 pounds eating dinner in the morning, has recorded the secrets in a book, titled The Reverse Diet.

…But do breakfast, lunch and dinner have higher meanings than just refueling stops? Life asked some nuritionists…

…Cunningham came on this system, she says, when she had a terrible panic attack, stopped eating for 3 days, and then got hungry and ate her kids’ leftover dinner.

…The weight slid off, apparently. (HA has not eaten for days at a time and never noticed any sliding, she is just sayin’).

…The docs said a calorie eaten in the morning is more likely to be burned off than stored (some studies show otherwise).

…What if some people aren’t ready for a steak in the morning? One panelist said maybe breakfast would eventually be eliminated. Huh?

…That would help dieting.

…Also time can be a factor—who wants to cook a big dinner in the morning? (Cunningham cooks the Sunday before for the week.)

…What about people who get hungry at night? They wouldn’t, according to the panel, if they were getting enough sleep.

…Doesn’t she want more than oatmeal at night? Oh, Cunningham said, you can be flexible—yogurt, a small order of pasta, something small.

…Sounds like portion control to HA—never a bad idea.

…Cunningham also said there were fewer dishes to wash in the evening with her system.

…Oh, OK…

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