Thursday, March 01, 2007

Twinkies, ruined

…Newsweek (March 5, 2007) deconstructs a book called Twinkie, Deconstructed, which in turn really took the little yellow snack cake down to the short ones.

…Ettlinger followed each ingredient to its source, at one point dropping into a pitch black mineshaft to see where trona, a raw ingredient of baking soda, was wrenched from the filth.


…There are 39 ingredients in a Twinkie, five or six in a real cake. Finding out what the stuff acually was was difficult and Hostess declined to assist (go figure).

…Many of these ingredients weren’t, you know…actually food.

…To stay on a shelf, Twinkies can’t spoil. That means no cream in the cream filling. Also batter has to flow through tubes—meaning more weirdness must be added.

…The thickener they use is also used as glue on postage stamps and envelopes.

…Oh, and vanillin is made from petrochemicals. Real vanilla comes from orchids that are hand-pollinated.

…When the pollinators stop for lunch, guess what is on the menu for dessert.

…HA has wondered many times if all this stuff we eat is causing more cancer and other diseases. Yet, even veggies grow in chemical or depleted soil and water is recycled through centuries of repeated use.

…Best not to think about it.

…And have a Twinkie. Two per pack! HA always thought that was genius.

2 comments: said...

Oh no -- it's even worse when one digs a little deeper... Vanillin

Star said...

Thanks for sending this...Apropos of nothing, I once edited a book for the American Chemical Society on lignin, which is represented in this Wiki writeup. It's the hardest non-mineral substance...I have a friend who writes me from Florida every three yrs or so and asks, "Remember lignin?" Ooops, this may reveal a lot about me...