Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wah, insurance, red tape, arg!

…Jody Snyder, writing in the Arizona Republic (Mar 4, 2007), talks about companies cropping up that will help you handle weird, codey, illogical reams of insurance documentation and get the treatments you need.

…Apparently, throwing your Estimate of Benefit statements in a drawer is not enough to do this effectively.

…Darn, HA was so sure!

…One of these firms is called Health Advocate, which helps 15 Arizona companies’ employees face their medical bills and figure out deductibles and so on.

…The company estimates that this service has increased productivity by relieving employees of the time and worry of dealing with stacks of medical bills rife with double billings, errors (what colonoscopy, I would have remembered that!), fine print, etc.

…Even more crucially, employees can call Health Advocate and get help getting into specialists.

…Private individuals also can engage similar companies.

…HA recently wrote a story about families who have their entire medical histories on memory sticks they carry with them.

…Yes, yes, our planet.

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Well written article.