Friday, March 02, 2007

Whole Foods--going suit?

…For the most part, HA cannot afford to be too “green,” but she always considered the sort of overpriced hippie-dippy Whole Foods to be a lookie-loo paradise, a sort of food museum

…Wow, is that an actual fruit? Lamb chops for $9 a pound?

…Marian Burros, writing in the NYT on Feb 28, 2007, wonders if WF is straying from its original intentions.

…The chain used to be small, but now is 193 stores (including one coming near HA’s Mom’s).

…These stores are getting sprawly and big!

…But the bloggers are swarming…WF is not longer interested in protecting the environment, they say. The stock is dropping.

…Many shoppers want to move closer to local farmers. Apparently WF has been inept in negotiating with farmers of organic livestock, what they call “the protein sector.”

…Alert shoppers also caught the chain putting dye on farmed salmon to make it look like wild salmon (which costs a lot more).

…If HA may speak? She still likes the cosmetic section with the creamies and scented treats.

…Still, is that cold cream made in a cottage or factory?

…Seriously, are we asking too much?

…No one wants to be calculatedly played, but not every store is within 25 miles of organic farms.

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