Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Are your legs turning blue?

….Varicose veins…HA’s Mother had them and she remembers hearing about the ewwwy surgery to strip them out!

…More than 40 million people have these enlarged leg veins…six million workdays a year are lost.

….The veins may look huge and vital, but they are really a superficial system. The real working system returning blood to the heart is deeper inside the leg.

…This means the ugly surface veins can be removed without interfering with circulation.

…The bulging is caused by weak valves holding back blood—this can be genetic.

…Docs say the surgery is not as gross as it used to be. They use a special ultrasound to look into the leg and see what’s what.

…A thin catheter may be put in the vein and the whole vein heated with radio waves, causing it to collapse and eventually reabsorb.

…Sometimes, lasers are used to do the same thing.

…Or a foamy substance is injected to collapse the vein. This is called foam sclerotherapy. Often this is used for the smaller spider veins.

…Avoid sitting with your legs crossed, if you are prone to the “blue map.”

…Pregnant women should elevate their legs for part of the day.

…Walk every hour.

…And, yes, wear support hose.

…Check out http://www.lifeofyourlegs.com/ for socks and hose that won’t make you think of Grandma.


phil said...

Sitting with the legs crossed will not cause varicose vein leg which may seen in many people.

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