Monday, April 02, 2007

Divert the stress cascade

…Emily Seftel, writing in the Arizona Republic (March 28, 2007), talks about the small frustrations—customer disservice reps, insurance forms, PINs, clerks, taxes, bad drivers, etc., that steam us daily.

…Don’t sweat the small stuff…remember that phrase? Yeah, HA forgot it, too.

…HA’s heat pump was acting wonky--$600 and the twit tried to waltz her around and tell her it was a bargain (“What do you think we do—make things that work?”). HA took the so-called “bad parts” and asked around. Yes, she got rooked. Oh, look, bad Better Business Bureau rating, too—stroke time!

…Then, she took the bad parts and threw them in the dumpster and went back to her desk.

…According to Seftel, quoting the American Psychological Association, more than half of Americans think they are overstressed.

…Little things, big overall effects. Your body floods with cortisol and is always trying to flee or fight.

…Take three deep breaths.

…Better yet, sit or lie down for 10 minutes.

…See where you are tense—neck, shoulders, tongue, scalp—and release the tension.

…List everything causing stress. See if some can be eliminated.

…Take a break from all things electronic.

…Laugh. This is the only way out.

…Well, a cocktail.

…No, no, no, bad HA! Do not type out loud.


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