Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hot to trot

…It’s starting to heat up, at least out here in AZ.

…Time for the fitness minded to start jogging and sucking in that exhaust.

…Connie Midey, writing in the AZ Republic (Apr 16, 2007), has some tips for not healthening to the point of death.

…You can’t stop exercising just because it’s hot, advises one expert.

…But you also can’t do the same workout at the same intensity.

…Take a yoga or dance class in the hottest months.

…Use tapes inside with the a/c on.

…Buy some tubing and use it to exercise.


…Be sure to drink a liter of water for every hour you work out.

…Dawn Hudnutt, exercise physiologist for Kronos Optimal Health Company in Phoenix, also told Midey people should exercise outside early or late when it’s hot—not at noon. This sounds so obvious—but HA sees people out in midday all the time.

…Eat a few bites first, fruit, a cracker with peanut butter.

…Wear sunglasses.

…Guard against chafing by putting on Bodyglide or a similar product,

…Wear lightcolored, loose clothing, preferably made of wicking material. If your outfit is skimpy, use plenty of sunblock.

…Carry your cellphone.

…Stay on a known route. If you get lost, the extra minutes can add up on a hot day.

…Stay off busy streets—they are dangerous and you are sucking in fumes.

…Wear good shoes and socks and take care of your feet.

…You may need them to come in out of hell.

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