Monday, April 16, 2007

Hula Hoop redux

…Hoopnotica…According to a guilty pleasure of HA’s called E! News, this thing is “taking Tinseltown by storm.”


…Anyhow, this thing is part exercise, part dance, and all fun, according to its makers.

…This, of course, refers to the Hoopnotic Hoopdance.

…But, alas, it’s hard to travel with a giant hoop, so they made it collapsible.

…For a mere $49.99, you get the hoopdance DVD, and of course, the TravelHoop.

…The faster you hoop, the founder says, the more your endurance improves.

…Supposedly, it also creates a childlike bliss.

…HA was an actual child and not much more blissful than the modern-day HA, and she remembers the Hula Hoop and how it slowed down and finally tangled around your ankles.

…They say, “You cannot remain upset inside your hoop.”

…HA hates to be mean—but she bets ya.

….If, despite Cynical Sue here, you are fixin’ to do you some hoopin’, go to

…HA is just joshin’---she remembers the Hula Hoop well. It was fun to see the kids all hooping it up on those green lawns of the 1950s.

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