Monday, April 23, 2007

Is your kid a veggie and you're not?

…Kids pick up the darnedest notions, such as wanting to be vegetarians. In the May Working Mother, we learn that 6-10% of kids 6 and older are self-declared vegetarians.

…More and more kids are spurning animal products, says Connie Evers (

…Harvard researchers say this is because they don’t like the idea of killing animals, rather than because vegetarianism is considered healthier.

…Evers suggests parents not get annoyed—and put a positive spin on it. Ask the child what foods should be eliminated.

…Vegetarianism has four levels, Evers says. (1) flexitarian, dairy eggs, and occasionally meat, poultry and fish; (2) lacto-ovo, dairy and eggs, (3) lacto, dairy but not eggs, and (4) vegan, plants only.

…You can serve your family veggie burgers, vegetable lasagna, meatless pasta with tomato sauce, and rice-and-bean dishes (protein).

...Add soy milk or yogurt, if this is OK.

…All this will bring your child closer to the recommendations on the latest food pyramid.

…If the family is going along, this can only be good, right?

...HA must say, though, she is a little dubious of the banana and pepper combo in the picture. Can this be taken too far?

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