Friday, April 27, 2007

Nail gun control

…Sandra G. Boodman, writing in the Washington Post, warns of the dangers of the nail gun.

…Pewchuu, pewchuu, pewchuu, those babies fire away. Lift it up a little and we’re talking ER.

…Accidents are more likely to happen with weekend warriors who don’t use the guns much, rather than professionals who have a lot of exposure.

…Nail guns er, nailed three times more people in 2005 than in 1991. 96% males, avareage age 35.

…The Centers for Disease Control looked over the stats for a story in its April 13th Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (now there is a peppy pub).

…The guns that allow the user to “bounce fire” nails are more like to cause injuries.

…Mostly commonly injuries are to hands and arms, although eye injuries (ouch!), broken bones, and nerve damage have been reported.

…Six percent of nail victims need to stay in the hospital.

…Typically, consumers have no training in use of these powerful devices. The kind with a sequential trip trigger, which prevents accidental or wild firing, is best. If you already have a bounce fire version, there are kits you can buy to convert it to the safer model.

…What if your kid is standing there watching Daddy work?

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