Wednesday, April 11, 2007


…Mary Beth Fuller, a reporter for the Arizona Republic, details her family’s one-week experiment with going organic (April 10, 2007).

…She had the best opening line EVER: “Just because I am cheap and lazy doesn’t mean I don’t care about my family’s health.”

…Great line, huh? HA is so jealous.

…Fuller bought organic red peppers, $5.99 a lb, $2 more than regular old red peppers. Strawberries, $3.99 a pint versus $3 a quart.

…She got organic sugar—twice as expensive as granulated.

…Organic chicken breasts…$8.99 a lb (HA would want the chef in the package for that).

…Instead of $200, the bill tacked on an extra $75.

…The main supermarket had a lot of stuff, but she still needed a trip to the specialty grocery.

…Most of the food tasted about the same, she said, though the specialty store had some yummy novelties like squash-filled ravioli.

…Overall, she said she’d stick with some organic foods if it didn’t mean more gas to get to the store. Her daughter was teased for eating weird stuff at school.

…What will stay? The produce—peppers and strawberries use the most pesticides. The O Organics sugar was sparklier. The Kozy Shack pudding was good, but not always stocked in her store.

…The organic chicken might be lower in antibiotics, but it didn’t come in convenient forms.

…The organic breakfast cereal was soggy.

…The organic cream cheese? Let's just say she's stocked up on Spackle.

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