Friday, April 20, 2007

Prom time--plus size or not

…Wendy Donahue of the Chicago Trib acknowledges that being plus-size no longer means you aren’t going to the prom—if it ever did.

…The founder of Sydney’s Closet in St Louis made sure she had plenty of larger sizes in her special-occasion dresses store. For one thing, her own daughter needed a roomier dress.

…HA was a plus teen. She remembers a couple of tear-soaked shopping trips with a mother trying to be nice, but growing short of patience.

…But HA also remembers some beautiful dance gowns—one, in particular, turquoise with silver beads. Thanks, Mom!

…One in five teens is plus-size. Actually, 62% of American women wear a 14 or better.

…Prom shoppers snapped up all the size 20 to 24 dresses at DeBora Rachelle, Donahue writes, so this year, the designer upped the choices to size 32.

…Some girls had even added panels down the sides of her larger sheath dresses (when is the last time you heard THAT term?).

…Another designer Faviana makes special orders such as 14W for stores (14W, in the wacky world of sizes, is actually a 20-22).

…The Size 28 and up dresses are selling out first.

…Sydney’s Closet, in fact, gets calls from girls under size 12 asking about certain larger dresses they have seen in popular teen magazines.

…Not to be mean, but maybe the stores could whisper (as every larger size woman has heard from a sales clerk at one time or another), “I am not sure we carry anything here you can wear.”

…Now—looks like a lot of people are going dancing!

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