Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Thanks for the eye damage, boss

…Writing for the AP, Julia Silverman talks about some teachers in the Portland, OR, burbs who say their eyesight has been damaged by ultraviolet radiation from a broken high intensity lightbulb in their workplace.

…The kind of bulb in gyms and big box stores.

…Metal halide bulbs. The glass around it protects from UV rays, but if that glass breaks, the bulb keeps burning.

….This can burn the corneas. Docs say many cases may be chalked up to pinkeye. In most cases, the pain goes away with some over-the-counter soothants.

…The four women say they feel like they are chopping onions all the time.

…HA has a stinging eye and can relate.

…The teachers say they were sitting under a broken bulb for hours at a meeting.

…After the meeting one of them rear-ended a car, saying the brake lights were all swimming together.

…The doc said it was like a severe case of snow blindness or welder’s burn.

…Now, they are pouring in the eyedrops and wearing shades all the time.

…The docs have tried a number of therapies, including blood serum, in their eyes.

…The teachers are lobbying for places to use a kind of bulb that turns off 15 minutes after the glass breaks.

…Of course, these cost more.

…An industry group is resisting the replacement, as industry groups so often do.

…This is where children go—gyms—the women say. They are thinking recall.

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