Friday, April 06, 2007

The worry experts

…Everyone wants to be good at something—and some people are good at worrying!

…Writing in the East Valley Trib (April 5, 2007), Mike Grady talks about people who are VERY good worriers.

…They leave HA in the shade.

…One of them, Bonnie Burns, has a friend who calls her the CEO of the Worry club.

…So she started a Worry Club—and named herself CEO.


…Their theory is that you only worry when your mind is unchallenged. So the site has games to challenge the mind.

…Ha! HA would worry that she can’t do the games.

…OK, yu can also talk that neurosis over on a hotline. Call (866) 967-7948.

…You can vent for free for five minutes, then it’s $1.99 a minute after that.

…So you can worry about money so Burns doesn’t have to!

…You may end up talking to Bonnie Burns, who has a master’s in Holocaust Studies (speaking of worrying).

…The site gets 11,000 hits a month!

…HA once read that you should write down your worries and check in a week and see how many are still worries and how many had not happened or were not real.

…She tried it for a week and all the same worries were still real—and there were some new ones!

…Still, she often tells others to Get a Real Problem. She has to say it so often, she has shortened it to GARP!

…Now you are probably worried about her.


Bonnie said...

actually, i always worry about money just like anyone. but wouldn't it be better to speak to a more 'educated' person then throwing $2.99 to an astrology hotline and relying on that...or believeing in 'the secret' and buying their over priced books that have you believeing if you think hard about money it will show up in your mailbox. Those who call us really do get help, and to them it is worth it. And hey, I do not mind any one making fun of theworryclub, we live on humor....but i do not like it when fun is made of my masters in holocaust studies. That degree not only covers the history, but psychology of people who lived through it, how to help them as well as their children etc. But anyway...thanks for discussing theworryclub

Star Lawrence said...

By what stretch of imagination did I make fun of your degree in Holocaust studies? That is a source of genuine worry.