Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Bean

…A friend of HA’s told her about The Bean, which sounded like one of those weird infomercial deals, but HA’s friend said it actually was neat—and pretty cheap (one payment of $25).

…She said it seemed to provide some real resistance.

…Apparently, you fill it and rock on it in various ways to strengthen your back, your core, upper body, relieve back pain,lower body, butt and thigh.

…In case you think you are too far gone, it will hold an SUV, the website thoughtfully informs you (

…Sure enough, an SUV is shown rolling up onto this thing..

…Try that with a Belly Ball! (Or as they call them, “those scary belly balls.”) Those SUV’s slide right off belly balls!

…Aw, HA is joking. This thing looks pretty sturdy.

…Accompany by sensible eating, of course. Keep breathing, etc.

…HA is grumpy because she has to get her right eye sewn partway shut today for a few weeks. Maybe an SUV could ease up onto it.

…Nah, she takes that back! Joking about her eye hasn’t been working out well. Apparently The Eye Gods aren’t the jolly type.

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