Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A boat is still a vehicle

…It might seem like fun, slugging down the brews and steering the boat or zipping along behind on water skis, but boats are big heavy vehicles and can be dangerous--especially in great numbers.

…Writing in the Arizona Republic (May 21, 2007), Lindsey Collom says in Arizona along, 150,000 people are taking to the water. For a desert state, Arizona has either the first or second largest number of boats, HA can’t remember which, but her daughter did a report on this in school.

…Last year, Arizona had 261 boating accidents, injuring 157 people. Fourteen people died. The toll in your state is probably similar.

…A big issue is life jackets. Seventy percent of those hurt or killed could have walked away if they had been wearing one of the hot, yucky things! So necessary.

…Some tips: Everyone wears a jacket, no matter how dorky they look.

…Be sure there are enough personal flotation devices on board.

…Don’t speed, even in a speed boat.

…Don’t sit on the gunwales or transom above 5 mph (meaning if there is a wake).

…Put enough fire extinguishers onboard.

…Keep yur reigistration up to date.

…Don’t swim around venting heaters—people have been killed by carbon monoxide without even knowing they were being affected.

…Can the beer. The water cops will be everywhere this summer. Blow a 0.08 blood alcohol, and you are in over your head.
...Your local lake or river may look like fun on a weekend with dozens of boats peeling around, water skiers, and so on, but imagine how much you would like to be in this melee were it on a road or highway.

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