Friday, May 18, 2007

Brain class

…Lini S. Kadaba, writing in the Philadelphia Inquirer, says some boomers are going to brain gym.

…HA thought LIFE was brain gym. Her mother is a walking Senior Moment, so maybe HA should listen up on this.

…At Medford Leas “retirement campus” in Medford, NJ, the brain gym is eight computers loaded with Posit Science’s Brain Fitness Program.

…Nintendo has Brain Age, 13 million copies sold.

…By 2030, the number of people with dementia will double to 5.2 million. Those with Alzheimer’s will go up 50% to 7.5 million.

…Gary Small, MD, at UCLA (whom HA has talked to several times) hosts boot camps for affluent boomers, aimed at helping their brains add neurons.

…One clinical trial, however, in the December 2007 JAMA, showed that such exercises did not help seniors with everyday tasks, but did improve test scores.

…Important and provocative, but not conclusive, one researcher said (as they do).

…Humana gives away the $395 Brain Fitness software to its senior HMO customers for free. The program zips along, asking you to distinguish between sounds like bah and gah at a rapid pace.

…HA thinks if someone is using the computer, they are already sharpening their brains each day.

…No, no, on researcher said, for boomers to like this, it has to be on a cell phone.

…By the way, what is a retirement campus?

…You didn’t remember that from above? Well, gah. Or is that bah?

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Someone sent me this link--interesting...