Thursday, May 31, 2007

Is HA tripping or could this be cool?

…A Singapore beverage company has come up with a weird marketing idea…Mystery drinks.

…Their Anything sodas are fizzy and come in one of six flavors, including Cloudy Lemon and Root Beer.

…Their Whatever soda is non-carbonated and comes in Ice Lemon Tea, Apple Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea, and so on.

…The twist? You open an Anything or Whatever…which flavor you get is a matter of luck.

…Do you ever get bored in the store…Tired of the same old foods? Or do you ever open cans where the label has been lost?

…In other words, do you ever feel like rolling the dice on dinner? This could be fun!

…Baked beans? Sauerkraut? A whole bowl of artichoke hearts, or a yummy loaf of sweet Boston brown bread? What’ll it be?

…They could lash cans of entrée-type foods into six packs. Mystery Eats for Six.

…Can you think of some neat variations on this?

…HA I already thought about pharmaceuticals—HA knew people who would taste-test pills, but this was in the 60s.


…Don’t you have days when it’s hard to make a decision? So little of life is really under our control anyhow.

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