Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Keep the tots alive this summer

…Summer is kid drowning season. Horrible, but true.

…The heartbreaking reports come in weekly.

…Pools are splashy and noisy, filled with action. Easy to miss a toddler who hasn’t been seen for a spell.

…Or pools are blue death traps sitting fenceless or with broken or open gates while a toddler schemes and parents nap or take their eyes away for 10 mins.

…It happens fast.

…UCLA emergency docs say drowning is the leading cause of death among toddlers between 1 and 2.

…Never leave a child unattended. And they are fast! This means eyes on them at all times.

…Stupid little floaties are not an adult substitute—watch the kids!

…Fence and gate pools and this includes pools in apt complexes.

…Keep the water clean—you need to see to the bottom.

…Cover hot tubs, spas or pools at appropriate times and never use a half-covered pool.

…Anyone, adult or teen, supervising kids must know CPR. Post instructions by the pool.

…Kids should take swimming lessons—but none is water-safe until age 14, according to the Red Cross.

...Even older kids or adults should not swim alone in rivers or the ocean.

…Life jackets always, of course.

…Keep a cell or cordless by the pool to call 911, if necessary.

…Same for a net, pole, rope or other safety equipment.

…If a child is missing, forget looking inside or asking around—check the pool first!

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