Thursday, May 03, 2007

Latino diet pyramid contains the whole enchilada

…Writing for the Associated Press, Monica Rhor describes the 16-page Camino Magico, or Magic Road, the so-called Latino food pyramid.

…As anyone who has avidly lashed into a Mexican dinner knows, some Americanized Hispanic food can be a little fatty and carbie.

…The Boston-based Latino Nutrition Coalition has taken this on, creating yet another pyramid of health eating.

…The emphasis on the old ways—fresh fruit, fresh veggies and grains, not processed stuff.

…Healthier versions of bean tortilla, chicken and rice, and Mexican chicken soup are offered.

…Smaller portions of fresh, healthy food are preferable to wads of cheap food.

…Latinos are getting bigger, with almost a quarter of men being considered obese, and a higher percentage for women.

…Latinos are two times as likely to have diabetes and complications.

…Eating with your family, eating homecooked meals—these are considered key.

…Immigrants are fine until about five years after they arrive—then they begin to put on weight. That’s about when American eating and social habits begin to cut in.

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...Chips and salsa…are those still OK?

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