Monday, May 21, 2007

Nine pounds of trouble

…Your skin weighs about nine pounds…but HA wagers that for women, it weighs more than that on the mind.

…Some of our doctors these days have added “beauty practices”—this includes our primary physician and ophthalmologist. Doctors of Beauty? “First commit no ugliness”?

…At the same time, the scientists are beavering away on how to keep skin looking better.

…In last September’s Allure, Laureal Naversen Geraghty talks about various “advances.”

…First, for our friend cellulite. The dreaded dimples are caused by strong bands under the skin pushing fat layers up between them. Something called Santica Beauty Recipes has come up with a pill containing grapeseed extract, ginkgo biloba, fatty acids and yellow seed clover that thinned fat under the skin in five studies. Users reported a 45% reduction in cellulite after 47 days, the placebo gang, 2%.

…One doctor noted, however, that if this was really changing the structure of the skin, it was a drug—and who knew what else it might be changing. Always good to remember.

…At the Univ of Alabama, they found that mice who drank green tea and were exposed to UV, developed 35% fewer skin cancers. Similarly positive results came from a cream made of the active tea ingreident EGCG. Scientists said applying it to the skin resulted in more absorption. Topix Replenix cream was mentioned as having a significant amount of the allegedly effective polyphenols.

…Supposedly the proteins that give cells their shape (cytoskeleton) can stiffen with age anc cause wrinkles (the actual jump to wrinkles being unproved, as yet) . F-actin proteins, one scientist says, are the culprit. A cream can reduce this stiffness---at least in mice, whose skin became 70% less rigid in one test. Nice for mice, HA guesses.

…You know what a stodge HA is—go slowly on adopting new and undoubtedly EXPENSIVE quick fixes.

…When doctors are asked about a nostrum and all they can come up with is: “plausible”…caution is advised.

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