Wednesday, May 23, 2007

No more visits from Aunt Flo?

…The woman was becoming a monthly nuisance, but somehow maintained her role in the order of nature—until a few years ago, when contraceptives were invented that headed the old gal off for months.

…Now, Lybrel has been approved by the FDA—eliminating the menstrual period indefinitely.

…Seasonale by Barr Labs already allows a 3-month break.

…Gynecologists get many patients a week begging to fool Ma Nature.

…In the Arizona Republic, in a story by Connie Cone Sexton, Arizona gyno Jo Merriwether Knatz, MD, says many women want to cut the cramping and bloating as much as the flow.

…HA has covered this before. Most experts say it’s safe to do this. Interrupting perpetual ovulation can even lower the risk of ovarian cancer, anemia and endometriosis, they say.

…However, some experts say suppressing the period can lead to cardiovascular problems by reducing natural testosterone in women.

…HA would wonder how long it would take the body to return to normal and foster a normal pregnancy—should the opposite of birth control be desired.

….Kind of a big step. Who knows? Aunt Flo and Ma Nature may be BFFs.
...Half the women in the study dropped out because of breakthrough bleeding and spotting. It may take a year for such little surprises to cease.
...You really have to want to go that route, one doc said.

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