Friday, May 04, 2007

Oregano for allergies

…It’s the sneezin’-season, as they say (at least the fun ones).

…Allergy victims are blowing and wheezing like mad.

…If you start packing in the antihistamines, however, you can run into doorjambs or worse yet, off the road.

…Some allergy meds can also make matters worse after a few days.

…According to Cass Ingram, author of “The Cure is in the Cupboard,” hot spices can open cloged sinuses, dry up mucus, and tame those allergies.

…Such spices, oil of oregano for one, can kill fungi that may be sparking those reactions.

…You could be having an immune system reaction to fungus in your nose. This would be spores, not pollen.

…Try putting some wild oregano oil in your nose or under your tongue (health food stores, HA bets).

…Wash your hands often and put some oil of organo in your sinkside soap pump.

…Drink plenty of water and put in a few drops of oil or oregano if you are congested.

…Other good liquids are soups and juices.

…Crude raw honey releases our charming friend mucus and soothes sore throats.

…Avoid nasal sprays. They can be tough on membranes.

…This is Dr Ingram talking. Always consult your own doctor if symptoms become too miserable or go on too long.

…Oregano may not be a miracle cure for everything that ails ya. Sure is good on a pizza, though.


Mark.T said...

In Europe, pure cellulose powder is getting good reviews.

It is puffed up the nose where it coats the nasal passages with a thin layer of gel thereby helping to prevent the allergens from doing their worst.

No medication is involved so it works for all ages and can be used in combination with other treatment regimes.

Star Lawrence said...

Interesting, have you tried it?

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