Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stop & Go fast food

…Years ago, HA edited a book by a prissy nutritionist who said “some” fast food was OK. HA recalls her toting up fat and “sodium” (she would not change it to salt for the masses) and saying pizza was healthier than a hamburger, so to this day, HA votes for pizza.

….Now, there is a cottage industry in telling us what to order…and what to bag.

…In the Arizona Republic (May 14, 2007), Connie Midey talks about a book by Steven Aldana called The Stop & Go Fast Food Nutrition Guide. For a free download, go to

…Aldana is a professor of lifesyle medicine at Brigham Young University.

…Even at the local grease-a-rama, look for fiber, no transfat and little saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium (OK, he didn’t change it either).

…These foods get green labels in his book. Foods to eat with caution, yellow, and the real baddies, red.

…He lists 3,500 foods from 68 eateries.

…Amazingly, a third of the foods earned a green rating!

…But 47% were….red.

…Panda Express never uses transfat and sticks veggies in everything.

…Look for dishes with veggies, fruit, whole grains. At the interstate quickie mart, grab apples, cheese, granola bars.

…Salads can be deceptive—the Cobb at Chili’s has almost 1,200 cals and more than a day’s worth of fat and two days’ worth of sodium.

…Divide these big “red ones” with one or two other people!

…Today, HA’s kid came back from Wendy’s with a cup of Mandarin oranges. “They sell those separately in case people don’t want lettuce,” she explained.


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