Thursday, May 24, 2007

Toot, toot, tootsies, hello!

…What if someone told you you had to go barefoot with only a hard piece of leather under your feet and leather straps rubbing between your toes?

…You also would have to walk over melted tar, scuff through salt water, clamber over sharp rocks.

…You would say, yay, sandal time, right?

…Well, yeah! Who wouldn’t?

…But never will your little peds be more exposed or vulnerable—or scrutinized as much. HA and her sister still talk about a woman with dirty barefeet they knew 40 yrs ago!

…The experts recommend measuring your feet--even if you think you know your size. With sandals, pushing the foot forward onto a thong can hurt if the shoes are not properly fitted. Some docs recommend losing the between-the-toes approach completely.

…If you get cracked heels, you can seal them with Super Glue.

…If you have diabetes, be especially careful not to sit around with damp feet. Wash and dry between each toe.

…After a hot day, soak your feet in Epsom salts (dirt cheap) or whine for a foot massage.

…If you are going hiking, can the sandals and look into an anti-blister product, such as Blister Shield Powder.

…While on a plane, untie shoes and spread the laces apart. Wiggle toes or get the kids to try to spell letters with their toes.

…Moisturize your feet and don’t forget to slather on the sunblock. The tops of feet are very sensitive and sunburn hurts there!

…If you get calluses, whomp on the moisturizer and put on Saran Wrap or socks….Then
scrape off the crumbs in the morning.

…If you get a blister, some docs say not to pop it. “God’s Band-aid,” one told HA for one of her WebMD stories. If you do need to pop it, leave the “roof” on. Try to be sterile.

…The best advice? Don’t go barefoot.

…HA pleads guilty!

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