Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Weird eye infections--beware

…Writing in the NYT (May 28, 2007), Lawrence K. Altman warns of another contact lens cleaning solution problem.

…HA is so hyper about what people put in their eyes—yet she is dumping stuff in hers every day. What a crapshoot.

…This new stuff is an amoeba called acanthamoeba keratitis, which attacks the clear corneal covering on the outside of the eye.

…So far, 138 people are known to have gottten this stuff. The CDC has linked it to AMO Complete Moisture Plus Multipurpose Solution, which is used to clean and store contacts.

…If you use this or have it around, dump it now!

…You should also dump the storage cases if you hae been using this product.

…Still, they have no proof amoebas were in this solution.

…Call the eye doctor if you experience eye pain or blurred vision, sensitivity to light, a feeling of something being in your eye, or excessive tearing.

…This stuff can lead to corneal transplant or even removal of an eye.

…As for the amoeba, it’s everyplace, in our sinks, water,soil, etc. Why is it causing trouble is not known.

…(HA’s eye doctor did mention not to get tap water on her afflicted eye, so maybe our regular old water isn’t so great.)

…Chances of getting this amoeba increases among individuals who improperly store/handle/disinfect their lenses (e.g., use tap water or homemade solutions for cleaning), swim/use hot tubs/shower while wearing lenses, come in contact with contaminated water, have minor damage to their corneas, or have previous corneal trauma, according to the company’s website.

…The scientists are looking at whether some localities have lightened up on the chlorine in the tap or something.

…Or maybe, they think, silicone lenses increase the risk from these pesky critters.

…HA wrote this, then dumped some more artificial tears in her compromised eye, per doctor’s orders.

…She must be feeling lucky.

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