Friday, May 11, 2007

Who cares for the caregiver? Guess

…Andrew Weil, MD, had some tips for caregivers in the May 4-6 USA Today Weekend.

…It’s not selfish for the caregiver to focus on his or her own situation part of the time. It’s essential.

…As Weil puts it, the heart takes oxygen from the blood for itself first. If it didn’t, the body would die. Hearts are pretty smart, not selfish.

…These days, caregivers are usually Sandwich Generation Women, juggling kids on one hand and an aging parent (or two, three, or four) on the other. Kids get sick, too, remember.

…To add to the fun, the caregiver may have health issues. Omigod, it’s a mad whirl of waiting rooms. What about work, love, creativity?

…50 million people are taking care of someone in the United States.

…Weil says they must put themselves in the priority list—who will do the caring if they get sick or die?

…Realize you may suffer some resentment. Sitting in a hospital, running up and downstairs, putting your own life on hold—this can cause resentment.

…Destress yourself. Find some breathing exercises. Or just sit and observe your breath going in and out.

…Eat properly. Fast food is probably a mistake.

…Exercise. Walk the dog. Park a distance from the hospital and walk over.

…Watch the alcohol. Especially when you first start caregiving, a lot of emotions are in play.

….Always have something to look forward to. Read a book for an hour. Go to a concert.

…Find a caregiver or group dealing with the same disease or problem. You can get tips.

…Be prepared to say good-bye. But everyday does not have to be sad. In fact, watching a funny TV show is good for everyone.


Kathy NC said...
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Kathy NC said...


I am the primary caregiver for my 78 year old Dad who has Alzheimer's Disease and lives with me in NC.

I am writing a blog that shows the lighter side of caregiving, and offers tips for caregivers.

Please pass this link along to anyone you think may enjoy it.


Michael said...

Sure, it is good to have a loving and caring person on this planet.

Star Lawrence said...

Yes, thanks for the link...Very good. I am sort of dedicated to making eye ailments I see where you are going. My sister and I take care of our mother, who suffers from dementia, but not Alz. We have for 10 years. We find humor in all of it--tho some days better than others.