Friday, June 15, 2007

College kids unhealthy

…Gee, finals, rush, studying, and now college kids are supposed to be healthy?

…Yup, some researchers checked out these relatively young, well educated, and presumably not poor people and found they are a mess.

…In fact, the 18-24 year-olds are overweight slugs eating a bad diet and on their way to the nursing home any minute.

…The study was done at the Univ of New Hampshire and involved 800 young people.

…A third were overweight or the o-word, 8% had affllicted metabolisms, 60% of the males had high blood pressure, and more than two-thirds did not get enough iron, calcium, and folate.

…Oh, and they drink and disdain the veggies. Not too many smoked.

…Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of five risk factors—blood pressure, excess abdominal fat, high blood glucose, high triglycerides, and low HDL cholesterol—and 50% of the women and 66% of the men were at risk for this (at risk for risks?). Eight percent of the males had it!

…Oh, and these kids don’t eat enough fiber.

…The researchers said this is a good age for a wakeup call. People can change in time at this age.

…”Did you eat my apple, dude? It was next to the bong.”

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