Wednesday, June 06, 2007

DIY health

…According to Connie Midey, writing in the Arizona Republic (June 5, 2007), we are all going to be stocking up on the medical gadgets and monitoring ourselves.

…HA already has a digital thermometer shaped like a lollipop and wrote about it a while back.

…Many of us have worn the Holter monitor to track heartbeats for 24 hours. These can keep chugging for 30 days.

…But the biggest at-home dealies are the blood pressure checker and blood sugar monitor.

…Midey talked to a pre-diabetic fellow who checked himself constantly, before and after sandwiches and walks.

…We can nolonger sit in the rocker and try to stay alive. We must monitor, then walk or be active.

…This is especially handy if you, like one interviewee, want to compete in Iron Man contests in your seventies.

…Pretty soon, they will have clothes that track your innards without even strapping a device on your arm.

…Mirrors will scan us for melanomas. Stop! Scanning for cellulite is bad enough. Scanning? It’s called LOOKING in the mirror.

…So people with heart conditions are wearing monitors. People who don’t want heart conditions are wearing monitors. Everyone is counting heartbeats.

..You can also jab yourself and check your cholesterol.

..Your pill bottle will talk and nag you to take a dose!

..You can even wear special socks that tell if your feet are heating up (diabetics wear these).

…HA thinks clothes are getting too nosy!

…And the Iron Man? Most of us are sort of bendy Aluminum types, thin-skinned.

…Maybe this is the new TMI, all this.

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