Friday, June 22, 2007

Don't want an unhealthy glow

... Stop!

…According to Roni Caryn Rabin, NYT, June 19, 2007, all these CT scans, MRIs, nuclear studies, and other techy high-ticky exams are loading on the roentgens.

…Americans may be getting too much harmful ionizing radiation from trying to be so healthy.

…The per capita dose has increased almost six times since 1986.

…One doc called this a wakeup call!

…Except for mammography, other scans are unregulated. Most docs certainly don’t add up the exposure when ordering a test. With today's medical recordkeeping, they don't even KNOW a patient's total dose.

…The equipment sometimes works differently, too, with one machine emitting a modest amount of radiation and another spewing it into you.

…People still need these studies, but the government wants docs to be careful and evaluate the risks and benefits of ordering them.

…Certainly full-body CT scans (like in the mall) are almost never needed or prudent

…Studies of atomic bomb survivors found that the ones who got cancer at increased rates got more than 16 times what Americans are getting from their medical tests. But no safe levelhas been established.

…Don’t be shy about asking questions, the experts say. Ask: Is this test really necessary and why?

…The American College of Radiology has a list of studies and their appropriateness for 200 conditions.

…If you get a CD of your study to keep, hang onto it—it will prevent a repeat.

…How many people question any of this—not many. Certainly nowhere near the majority.

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