Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Great, now docs want to dump Medicare patients

…Did HA mention that her mother’s doctor’s office has a sign up that says, “Due to low reimbursement, we can only answer one question per visit”?

…Yes, HA, only about 50 times….…Humpf. OK.

…Well, today HA got an email from the American Medical Assn saying they surveyed docs and 9,000 physicians took a grumpy view of proposed 10% cuts in reimbursement.

…We all know wages blow at the moment, but are all of us getting a 10% cut?

…Probably not. …

…Congress’s own Medicare advisory group says a 1.7% bump would be better.

…The docs say they will quit taking Medicare patients and this needs to be fixed and $60 billion blasted into the system.

…Now, the docs say they are getting out, turning off the lights, I am leaving, look, I am opening the door, my foot is out…

…If you are concerned about this, go to http://www.patientsactionnetwork.com/ or phone (888) 434-6200.

…HA may be priced out of her health insurance for the uninsurable and have to positive-think her way to Medicare for 18 mos.

…You know how bad she is at positive thinking. And then to find no docs will take care of her, well, this would not be good.

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