Friday, June 08, 2007

Hey, Mom, eat apples and fish during pregnancy

…At the 2007 Intl Conference of the American Thoracic Society, scientists talked about a study done in Scotland that found a connection between mothers who loved and ate a lotof apples during pregnancy—and the incidence of allergies in their offspring.

…Called the SEATON study, performed at the Univ of Aberdeen, it showed that children of mothers who were all about apples were likely to have never wheezed or have doctor-confirmed asthma at the age of 5.

…Children of mothers who ate a lot of fish (once or more a week) also had less eczema.

…They also had the preggos load up on veggies, fruit juice, citrus or kiwi to see if these provided protection—nada.

…Previous studies suggested protection from Vitamin E and D and zinc.

…This does not mean ODing on these nutrients. Fish, for one, can contain mercury.

…Check out before pounding in the fish.

…The apples are probably OK—wash carefully.

…What? You never heard of apple and fish cravings? Where have you been?

…How about fish sherbert with applesauce?

…Candy apples with sardines back?

…No? How does tuna and apple salad sound? See pix!

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