Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How we sleep now

…From Bedmart, consider the source (always do that), comes news of a National Sleep Foundation study of the sleeping habits of adult Americans. Based on 1, 506 phone interviews, researchers delved into whether people had difficulty falling asleep, or awoke too early, or awoke feeling unrefreshed.

…Out of this came some “sleep types.” Which are you?

…Healthy, lively larks (27%). Fall sleep quickly, unlikely to have medical conditions, average age 44 (youngest of the five groups). Likely to be married or partnered. Have full-time, day shift job as a rule.

…Sleep-savvy seniors (21%). Most are not employed, two-thirds have some medical problem. Vast majority do not smoke or drink. Three-fourths say they get a great sleep every night. Half take two or more naps a week.

….Dragging duos (20%). 80% married or partnered. Get up early, work long hours (half more than 40 hrs a week) and tend to get less sleep than they need. Most ot them--83%--can fall asleep in fewer than 15 mins.

…Overwork,ed overweight, overcaffeinated (17%). A third work rotating, night, or irregular shifts. 39% are smokers, half are obese. They slug down the caffeinated beverages. More than half are not married or partnered. One third have difficulty falling asleep and all take longer to do so.

…Sleepless and missin’ the kissin’ (15%). 84% have some medical condition, depression or anxiety disorder. Likely to say they have a sleep problem. Likely to say their sleep problems or their partner’s has caused trouble in the relationship. While they are awake,they feel tired. 90% have some form of insomnia.

…Some other hints: You can make up a small sleep debt by going to bed earlier the next night. You cannot do it by sleeping hours and hours extra on the weekend.

…Larks and owls. HA thinks like should marry or live with like. It causes so much basic, fundamental trouble in a household if people are different in this respect.

…Of course, HA never got the memo asking her opinion on this.

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