Monday, June 04, 2007

Police tips for not getting killed on the highway

…AOL Autos recently had some ideas from the police about not getting mangled on the road.

…Don’t drive with your hands dangling from the wrist over the back of the wheel—like the cool guys used to in HS. The airbag can break your hand. One cop’s hand even flew up from the airbag and broke his own teeth!

...Keep side windows all the way down if you want to open them. A side-impact crash could snap your head against the top of the half-opened glass. This is a guillotine, in effect, and you know what they were used for.

…Lock your doors. A closed door will keep you inside the vehicle in the event of a crash. This also prevents carjacking.

…Back into parking spaces if you have time.

…Practice backing up. Go to a parking lot.

…Right foot only for the brake. Race drivers brake with their left feet, but you probably are not one.

…HA, as all the civilized world knows, does not drive. But you do—so be careful!

…Better yet, be smart!

…Oh, and the dog? Probably should let the humans drive. At least on the freeways.

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