Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Should kids be on a diet?

…In the Wayback, HA’s family was always in torment over who was fat, who should diet—and HA was often the answer to both of those.

…People have lost their minds over this. Seriously. The Surgeon General has called obesity “the terror within.” Come on! If you were a kid, would you like being told you were full of terror?

…Kids have a higher famine sensitivity, one authority says. This means they are more likely to sock away unused cals as fat.

…What makes this happen most often is that the kid feels hungry.

…The key is to have high fiber, low fat, high quality food around and feed on demand.

…Forget the “just one bite” and “clean your plate or else” deal. Toddlers don’t eat much at a sitting…maybe a tablespoon per year of age per item of food.

…Salads veggies, fruits, buts, lean meats and grains. And sometimes? A borderline, pleasure food such as a cookie or ice cream. One mother keeps it to 80-20. 20% borderline, fun stuff.

…HA wrote on this for WebMD once. Her source suggested good quality items for kids, such as a small bowl of whole grain cereal with blueberries, whole wheat toast with peanut butter, half a whole wheat English muffin with melted mozzarella, or low-fat yogurt with raw veggies to dip.

…Kids like to move, too! They whirl around even if they are standing there. Get them outside right after school or else they will slump in at the computer or TV. If they flop there, stand between them and the computer and get them to do something!

…In a recent article by Connie Midey in the Arizona Republic (June 19, 2007), one expert said serve the food you want the family to eat and let it go at that. Offer nutritious snacks every few hours. Give the whole family the same foods—don’t single out a larger child for special meals.

…One kid said, “Why do I have to eat broccoli, I am not fat.” He associated broccoli with a diet! That should not happen.

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