Friday, June 01, 2007

Summer camp, complete with pills

…In the July 16, 2006, issue of the NYT, Jane Gross talked about how summer camps are now charged with passing the pills for kids with all kinds of ailments and conditions.

…Between a quarter and a half of kids in camp take daily meds, Gross writes.

…Asthma, depression, bipolarity, that’s just part of the list. And these are not camps for kids with cancer or other specific diseases.

…This cuts across all education, racial, and socioeconomic levels.

…There is even at least one company, CampMeds, that prepackages kids’ pills, just like they do in residential care facilities for the elderly. The camp nurse then checks the name, date, and time and hands over the package.

…In some cases, hyperaactive kids or kids with other behavioral or medical problems might not even be allowed to go to camp.

…But sometimes, camp nurses question the diagnosis or even the off-label use of a drug--and parents object.

…Some camp doctors and nurses even urge parents to send over-the-counter allergy meds and the like and no overdo it. Bedwetting meds, for instance, can make kids sluggish. “Zombies,” snapped one camp nurse.

…Man, camp has changed since HA went to Cedarledge in St Louis. Kids sat in the rain, no parents hovering, happily waiting for blueberry muffins to “bake” in a reflector oven next to the fire and finally wolfing down the smooshy dough for breakfast.

…We also slept in hammocks for 2 weeks…think what it did to our backs. Actually, our backs were fine.

…HA did learn about topical anesthetics, though. One counselor used a hemorrhoid medicine with a painkiller to stop itchy mosquito bites. This was very popular.

…Lanacane. It still works.

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