Monday, June 25, 2007

Wear that brain bucket!

…In AZ, anyhow, more people are getting killed in motorcycle accidents. Deaths have doubled in the last six years.

…In 2005, 150 riders were killed statewide—and that’s one state.

…Nationwide, motorcycles are 2% of the vehicles and 10% of the fatalities.

…Police attribute this not only to more people riding, but to a lack of training.

…Many younger riders, especially, are buying high-powered bikes and hopping on without a class.

…People need proper training, practice, and to wear the proper gear.

…HA once wrote an article on women who take up motorcycling and the gear, leathers and so on, were very important to them. These are also a major safety element, preventing the strewing of flesh on the pavement.

…If you haven’t ridden in a while, take a refresher course.

…The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is the place to go for courses. They are given all over the country. Check out

…Cycling, especially with clubs, is supposed to be fun. Don’t let testosterone overload or careless preparation spoil your day or your entire life!

…Above all, even if optional, wear a helmet. Duh.

…Oh, and car drivers? Watch out for these people—they don’t have a steel compartment to ride in.

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