Thursday, June 07, 2007

YOW--kidney stones

…Worse than labor pains! A kidney stone is a sharp piece of matter (er, think rock) lodged in your delicate inner tissues and then squeezed by frantic muscles beyond your control.

…You don’t want this.

…HA wrote about these for WebMD once. The stones consist of calcium, mostly, which gets “caught” in the little tubes in the kidney. Or you can get a backup of uric acid from eating a lot of meat.

…Usually kidney stones strike between 25 and 50. This could be the first of many trips to the ER.

…Some docs think more people get these in summer than other months, though the data is not there.

…It is much more common in the southeast (think summer barbeque and dehydration).

…Yes, not drinking enough water can lead to these. When you get to the ER, they may give painkillers, but they most certainly will pour in the fluids.

…You may have to get in a tank of water and get the stone broken up with sound waves.

…You should be excreting 2 liters of urine a day.

…Waer, water…drink water, and not mineral water, either—more minerals.

…Cut back on soda and iced tea. Dark colas contain oxalates, which can lead to calcium oxalate stones.

…Drink fluids constantly during the day, not in big gorges.

…Exercise, lose weight—but drink, drink, drink, above all!

…Oh, and ask the doc about those calcium supplements. Some people think the pill form can increase kidney stone risk.

…Ever heard that lemonade—the real thing, not the crystals--is good for preventing kidney stones?

…Some docs recommend drinking some each day. Others poohpooh the old wives on this one.

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