Monday, July 16, 2007

Acupuncture--not fringe anymore

…It may be 2,500 years old, but acupuncture has just recently received the approval of the National Institutes of Health and World Health Organization.

…Can umpty billion Chinese be wrong? Took a long time to decide.

…A million people in the US submit to the artfully placed needles each year. And did you know that half of all adults in the US use some alternative or complementary therapy?

…Pain…allergies…nausea…migraines…even as anesthesia…acupuncture is mainstream now. It can even ease erectile dysfunction (if not those weird ads—what is WITH the bath tubs outside anyhow?).

…Even children take to acupuncture and report that it helps them.

…It is hard to do doubleblind studies. Think about it—how would you make it look like you were putting in a needle if you weren’t?

…But, in 1997, the National Institutes of Health brought in a 12-member panel to look at acupuncture and it concluded that results are promising for post-op and chemo nausea and vomiting and post-op dental pain.

…The FDA does not even consider the needles to be “experimental” anymore.

…Usually the technique is used along with other therapies—complementarily.

…To find a qualified practitioner, go to Ask questions. Has the practitioner treated your condition before? What were the outcomes? How long will it take to see if it’s helping? What are the side efx, if any? What does it cost?

…Acupuncture can boost other therapies and make them more effective. Even skeptics sometimes notice a difference.


Caitlin said...


To find a well qualified practitioner, I would suggest looking at or

Those professionals listed under the medical acupuncture website have been trained in western medicine and then they have taken around 200 (it varies from state to state) hours of acupuncture practice.

Those professionals listed under the websites I mentioned have studied over 3000 hours of acupuncture and oriental medicine. They are more qualified to give treatments with better and faster results as they understand the theory behind this medicine.

Star Lawrence said...

Thanks for the tip!!!