Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ah, those thick lashes

…In tribute to Tammy Faye, who HA always considered a unique and heartfelt woman, today is about mascara.

…Many women will not leave home without it. Now, HA cannot wear eye makeup. It’s not a world-class tragedy, but it is a little teeny sad.

…In the August 2007 issue of Consumer Reports on Health, the makeup stand-by is explored in all its glory.

…First, apply mascara only to the tips of your lashes or you may block production of tears. You want tears! Take it from HA whose life revolves around being juicier eyewise.

…Don’t share mascara—you could get cooties that will give you pinkeye.

…Don’t add water to thin mascara—this introduces bacteria. HA was surprised when her eye doctor almost keeled at the mention of shower water getting in her crummy bad eye. Tap water in your eye? Apparently a no-no.

…Avoid lash-extending mascara if you wear contacts. These contains hairy little fibers that can get under your lenses.

…Never apply mascara in a moving vehicle. Heck, HA has stuck herself with a wand standing still! Scratched cornea--not good.

…Don’t leave it in a hot car or any place over 85 degrees. Think way happy bacteria colonies oozing and multiplying.

…Throw out mascara every three months. It’s bound to be harboring something by then.

…Oh, and relax. Life is not the same without mascara, but it can be OK nonetheless.

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