Friday, July 13, 2007

Behind doctor doors

…Writing in the Arizona Republic (July 11, 2007), Michael Clancy and Jennifer Price outline the (alleged) blatant idiocies of a local internist-turned self-styled plastic surgeon, who was doing everything but letting the receptionist suck fat out of patients.

…This was no back alley—it was in a nice, new, shiny, planned community in Arizona called Anthem.

…For one, the Board of Medical Examiners charges this guy was letting a bookkeeper and a former restaurant owner perform cosmetic surgery.

…Three people are dead.

…This doctor wrote that he was being assisted by “medical assistants.” Not. They had no formal training.

…He did not monitor patients under sedation. The anesthesiologist was not trained to deal with those having lipo, which can be a shock to the system.

..He is licensed only to prescribe medication, not give it to people. But he did the latter.

…He even promised once to stop doing lipo. Ha ha, still doing it.

…No, wait, he hired a homeopathic doctor to do it. This guy had surrendered his medical license in California, so could not be licensed in AZ .

…A licensed massage therapist was also operating, according to the Medical Board.

…His website says he is a cosmetic surgeon. He’s an internist with a specialty in emergency medicine. Great for when it’s time to call the paramedics.

…His website also says he went to Brown. He really graduated from St George’s on the island of Grenada.

…The medical societies he lists say he is not a member.

…Gosh, people, let’s take those websites with a grain of salt, shall we?

…In AZ, we can check docs online—does your state have this?

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