Friday, July 20, 2007

Cool kids

…Have you heard? It’s hot in Arizona.

…HA remembers before Wal-Mart got automatic doors, they had a sign up saying, “Don’t touch door handle.” That was pretty existential.

…Some people keep pot holders in their purses to open car doors.

…It can get a wee bit warm.

…This occasionally has tragic consequences—people pop the tots into their car seats in back and somehow forget the little ones are there drowsing away and leave the car in the sun outside the house and go inside. Not good.

…Writing in the Arizona Republic (July 16, 20070, Lisa Nicita concentrates on keeping toddlers comfy (not necessarily saving their lives). One approach is a cold seat. This uses ice packs to cool off the carseat and buckles before putting in the tot. When you get out, put the ice blanket over the seat again.

…You can also buy sun shades for car windows at Wal-Mart and Amazon. You can even get them for the rear window while your baby is facing backwards (Eddie Bauer, Target).

…The Pacifeeder ( is a bottle with a straw that is lashed to the carseat so even a non-cup drinking baby can get some fluids. Does this remind you of a hamster bottle at all? It is different, though—water can’t go back down the straw and it doesn’t hang overhead. Good for 3 mos and up.

…Evian Mineral Water Spray is also a nice treat for sweaty young-ins. You can cool the buckles, too.

…Insulated Sippy Cups are waiting for you at Babies R Us.

…Don’t forget the ice chest in the front, parents, with cold apple slices and grapes frozen at home.

…Aw, heck, are we there yet?

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